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Lazy-loading images with React and Semantic UI

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  • Github Stars !== Usage: React is still blowing Vue and Angular Away
  • Gatsby has brought React to page based websites and CMS platforms -- and we love it!
  • Redux, Writing, Responsibilities, Burnout, and a Request for Help


React, tabs.
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react-select-box vs react-select

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  • react-select-box - An accessible select box component for React.
  • react-select - A Select control built with and for React JS.


React.js Open Source Projects of the Month (v.June 2018)

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Useful components and utilities for working with React

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<Sticky /> component for awesome React apps.
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react-height-reporter vs react-height

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  • react-height-reporter - React component-wrapper detecting height changes of it's children.
  • react-height - Component-wrapper to determine and report children elements height.

React with .NET Core and MySQL - Form Validation and Handling POST Request

In this post, you can learn more about React form validation and how sending POST requests in React works.
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Facebook like, avatar / profile picture component. Resize and crop your uploaded image using a clear user interface.
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rc-menu vs react-metismenu

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  • rc-menu - React Menu.
  • react-metismenu - A ready-to-use menu component for React.

iPhone App Development Company

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Material design for react, powered by materializecss.
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React Selectrix

A Beautiful, Materialized and Flexible React Select Replacement
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Redux, Writing, Responsibilities, Burnout, and a Request for Help

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Introduction To Higher Order Components (HOC) In React

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reselect vs recompose

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  • reselect - Selector library for Redux.
  • recompose - A React utility belt for function components and higher-order components.


React components based on a custom version of the Bootstrap library.
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Reacting, a short guide for react testing

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react-sortable-hoc vs react-anything-sortable

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  • react-sortable-hoc - A set of higher-order components to turn any list into an animated, touch-friendly, sortable list.
  • react-anything-sortable - A ReactJS component that can sort any children with touch support and IE8 compatibility.


D3 Components for React.
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StarHackIt: React/Redux + Node full-stack starter kit with authentication and authorization, data backed by SQL.
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How To Connect React and Redux With Example

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react-big-calendar vs rc-calendar

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  • react-big-calendar - Gcal/outlook like calendar component.
  • rc-calendar - React Calendar.

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Yet another react component for input masking.
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