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An à la carte set of polished, extensible, and accessible inputs built for React.
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jest-cli v24.9.0

A new version of jest-cli has been released
New Version



A CSS media query component for React.
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Build an ephemeral React chat app with CometChat

Ephemeral chat apps are apps where messages don't last after a recipient has seen it. This is popular in apps like Snapchat, Wickr, and likes. In this tutorial, you will learn how to build an ephemeral chat app using CometChat.
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How to add a dark mode to your React web app

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react-responsive-carousel vs react-slick

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  • react-responsive-carousel - React.js Responsive Carousel (with Swipe).
  • react-slick - React carousel component.

react-apollo v3.0.1

A new version of react-apollo has been released
New Version

The Hands-On Guide to Learning React Hooks

A thorough step-by-step guide for learning the basic and advanced React Hooks (state, effects, context, and reducers).
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React Ace Component.
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Introducing the New React DevTools

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  • Fun with React Hooks - great 1hr talk on the mental modal of useState and useEffect by Michael Jackson and Ryan Florence
  • useAuth – the simplest way to add authentication to your React app
  • React Transitions Library (Animations for react router)

redux-form v8.2.6

A new version of redux-form has been released
New Version

React Animation 👌

Components and animations to easily add movement to your React projects
Featured Library // Category UI Components

react-slick vs React Animation 👌

Popular comparison
  • react-slick - React carousel component.
  • React Animation 👌 - Components and animations to easily add movement to your React projects

react-quill vs react-draft-wysiwyg

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  • react-quill - A Quill component for React.
  • react-draft-wysiwyg - A Wysiwyg editor build on top of ReactJS and DraftJS.

14 React JS Projects for Beginners

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react-draggable v3.3.1

A new version of react-draggable has been released
New Version


Utilities for creating robust overlay components.
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Divjoy – React Codebase and UI Generator

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Building Your Personal Brand with Your Developer Blog

Content creation is one of the most popular and efficient ways of building brands. As a developer, you can use content to level up your skills.
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How to build an admin panel with React

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react-slick v0.25.0

A new version of react-slick has been released
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A simple middleware-style router for isomorphic JavaScript web apps.
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antd-mobile vs onsenui

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  • antd-mobile - A configurable Mobile UI.
  • onsenui - Hybrid Mobile App UI Framework for iOS and Material Design with Angular and React Components.

44 JavaScript Testing Best Practices (August 2019)

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reactotron v2.17.0

A new version of reactotron has been released
New Version