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A responsive image cropping tool for React.
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React EdiText - Inline Editable Text Component

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Material design for react, powered by materializecss.
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React, tabs.
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Try React Suspense, right now!

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Remove unnecessary React propTypes from the production build.
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The iOS 12 Array.reverse bug will also occur in React Native

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3 Anti-patterns for Conditional Rendering

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react-big-calendar vs rc-calendar

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  • react-big-calendar - Gcal/outlook like calendar component.
  • rc-calendar - React Calendar.


A fantastically simple tagging component for your React projects.
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  • Introducing the React Profiler
  • Next.js 7
  • Amplify CLI + creating an AWS AppSync serverless GraphQL API + wiring it up with a React application in < 9 minutes

React’s State Reducer Pattern

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Tying a React SPA to WordPress as a Backend [w/ WP REST API]

Combining WordPress and React is a powerful way to build web applications. Read this intro to the WP REST API and step-by-step tutorial for a neat React SPA with WordPress as a backend.
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React Selectrix

A Beautiful, Materialized and Flexible React Select Replacement
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Next.js 7

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redux vs fluxible

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  • redux - Predictable state container for JavaScript apps.
  • fluxible - A pluggable container for universal flux applications.

alloyeditor vs react-ace

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  • alloyeditor - WYSIWYG editor based on CKEditor with completely rewritten UI.
  • react-ace - React Ace Component.

Framer X officially out

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Immutability in React and Redux: The Complete Guide

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Sensor component for React that notifies you when it goes in or out of the window viewport.
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React components based on a custom version of the Bootstrap library.
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react-dnd vs react-draggable

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  • react-dnd - Drag and Drop for React.
  • react-draggable - React draggable component.


A React binding of mapbox-gl-js.
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