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chakra-ui v2.4.3

A new version of chakra-ui has been released
New Version


Official SweetAlert2 enhancer adding support for React elements as content
Featured Library // Category Overlay


Why use NextJS?

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🎛 A numeric stepper component for React.
Featured Library // Category Miscellaneous

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Introducing Codux

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👀 Easily apply tilt hover effect on React components - lightweight/zero dependencies (3kB)
Featured Library // Category Parallax


React component to select options by transferring them from one column to another.
Featured Library // Category Select


React Hooks for Firebase.
Featured Library // Category Integrations with Third Party Services


🏗️MSON Lang: Generate an app from JSON
Featured Library // Category Form Logic

NextJS, SvelteKit, Remix and the future of Storybook

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React vs React Native: How Different Are They, Really?

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Node.js & Browser SDK & React UI components for Elasticsearch.
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react-leaflet v4.2.0

A new version of react-leaflet has been released
New Version


Facebook components like a Login button, Like, Share, Chat, Comments, Page or Embedded Post
Featured Library // Category Miscellaneous

React Soft Dashboard - FullStack & Live Deploy

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🔖 lightweight, efficient Tags input component in Vanilla JS / React / Angular / Vue
Featured Library // Category Tag Input

React Figma

⚛️ A React renderer for Figma
Featured Library // Category Code Design


Official CKEditor 4 React component.
Featured Library // Category Rich Text Editor

React Conditional Rendering With Type Safety and Exhaustive Checking

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Command-line tool for SimpleLocalize
Featured Library // Category Miscellaneous

Ionic React v6.3.8

A new version of Ionic React has been released
New Version