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A lightweight calendar heatmap react component built on SVG, customizable version of GitHub's contribution graph.
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recharts v2.1.3

A new version of recharts has been released
New Version

Reactime 6.0: State Debugger for React

Chrome extension for improving and optimizing performance in React applications (Gatsby and Next.js compatible).
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React Readability Analysis Of Implementing Custom Hooks

Custom hooks are essential to implementing logic flows and making any React app interactive. This article will cover 3 approaches to implementing customs hooks in React and analyze their level of readability.
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6 use cases of the useEffect ReactJS hook

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Material-UI is now MUI

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React Unity WebGL provides an easy solution for embedding Unity WebGL builds in your React application, with two-way communication between your React and Unity application with advanced API's.
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ChatUI v1.1.3

A new version of ChatUI has been released
New Version

Introducing MUI (Material-UI) Core v5.0

MUI Core v5 is the latest version of the popular MUI React component library. It has been 15 months in the making and features a new style system, better customization, new components, and a host of visible and not so visible enhancements to improve both UX and DX.

New components include an improved layout Grid, as well as components from the lab. It also has an improved global theme, which allows the creation of new component colors and variants (collections of component styles).
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Monaco Editor component for React.
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5 use cases of the useState ReactJS hook

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Ionic React v5.8.0

A new version of Ionic React has been released
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The Most Complete React UI Component Library
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10+ Projects You Can Do to Become a Frontend Master

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A React table component.
Featured Library // Category Table / Data Grid

How to Reduce React App Loading Time By 70%

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Modern and minimalist React UI library.
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Best Practices for React Developers in 2021

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๏ฃฟ Apple signin for React using the official Apple JS SDK
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Using WebSockets with React

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DevExtreme React Grid

Business React components for Bootstrap and Material-UI
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The Ultimate Guide to Web Console ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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Extended utils for โš›๏ธ React.Children data structure that adds recursive filter, map and more methods to iterate nested children.
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โš›๏ธ๐Ÿ“† Flexible React date range picker calendar with no dependencies.
Featured Library // Category Date / Time picker

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