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☄️ effector

The state manager

Visit effector.dev for docs, guides and examples

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Effector is an effective multi-store state manager for JavaScript apps (React/React Native/Vue/Node.js), that allows you to manage data in complex applications without the risk of inflating the monolithic central store, with clear control flow, good type support and high capacity API. Effector supports both TypeScript and Flow type annotations out of the box.

Effector follows five basic principles:

  • Application stores should be as light as possible - the idea of adding a store for specific needs should not be frightening or damaging to the developer.
  • Application stores should be freely combined - data that the application needs can be statically distributed, showing how it will be converted in runtime.
  • Autonomy from controversial concepts - no decorators, no need to use classes or proxies - this is not required to control the state of the application and therefore the api library uses only functions and plain js objects
  • Predictability and clarity of API - a small number of basic principles are reused in different cases, reducing the user's workload and increasing recognition. For example, if you know how .watch works for events, you already know how .watch works for stores.
  • The application is built from simple elements - space and way to take any required business logic out of the view, maximizing the simplicity of the components.


npm install effector


npm install effector effector-react


npm install effector effector-vue


Svelte works with effector out of the box, no additional packages needed. See word chain game application written with svelte and effector.



For additional information, guides and api reference visit our documentation site




Online playground

You can try effector in our repl

Code sharing, Typescript and react supported out of the box. REPL repository


Use effector-logger for printing updates to console, displaying current store values with ui or connecting application to familiar redux devtools

More examples in documentation

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Support us

More articles about effector at patreon

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