5 Editable data grid / spreadsheet libraries and projects

  • MUI X Data grid

    8.5 9.9 TypeScript
    MUI X is a collection of advanced React UI components for complex use cases. Use the native integration with Material UI or extend your design system. They feature state-of-the-art functionality and complex UX workflows for data-rich applications and support a wide range of use cases. MUI X is open core—base components are MIT-licensed, while more advanced features require a Pro or Premium commercial license. Components: - Data Grid - Date and Time Pickers - Charts - Tree View
  • revo-grid

    7.6 5.5 TypeScript
    Powerful virtual data grid smartsheet with advanced customization. Best features from excel plus incredible performance 🔋
  • With SurveyJS form UI libraries, you can build and style forms in a fully-integrated drag & drop form builder, render them in your JS app, and store form submission data in any backend, inc. PHP, ASP.NET Core, and Node.js.
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  • fortune-sheet

    7.4 8.3 TypeScript
    A drop-in javascript spreadsheet library that provides rich features like Excel and Google Sheets
  • ReactGrid

    6.1 9.0 TypeScript
    Add spreadsheet-like behavior to your React app
  • jqwidgets-react-grid

    Filtering, Pagination, Grouping, Export to Excel, PDF, CRUD and more.

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