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  • v33.0.4

    August 27, 2019
    • 🛠 1384 - Fixes a bug affecting functional cornerRadius on VictoryTooltip

    • 1385 - Adds pointerOrientation prop on VictoryTooltip to make it possible to control which side of the tooltip the pointer extends from independent of which side of the data point the entire flyout is oriented towards. This prop only became sensible with the addition of center and centerOffset props added in victory@33.0.0

  • v33.0.3

    August 25, 2019
    • 🛠 #1379 - Fixes a bug affecting functional padAngle prop in VictoryPie
  • v33.0.2

    August 25, 2019
    • 🛠 #1378 - Fixes a bug affecting function labels in VictoryPie
  • v33.0.1

    August 22, 0198
    • 💅 #1375 - Evaluates / calculates some props early so they are available when functional props are being evaluated. Most notably, text is evaluated before any other functional props for VictoryLabel so it may be used to determine things like style, etc.
  • v33.0.0

    August 21, 2018

    💥 Breaking Changes

    💅 Changes for functional props and styles:

    Related PR: #1360

    💅 Functional props like labels and functional styles will now be called with a single argument instead of datum and active. The argument passed to functional props and styles will be an object containing all the props that control the rendering of the the target the prop applies to. Including things like datum, active, index, data, scale, etc. We hope this will give users a lot more flexibility and control. In most cases, this change should be very straightforward to apply


    labels={(d) => `x: ${d.x}`}

    🆕 new

    labels={({ datum }) => `x: ${d.x}`}


    • Some of the props passed into functional props and styles may themselves be functions. These will not be evaluated, because we have no way to determine evaluation order. So, if you create a cornerRadius function that depends on barWidth, do not also make barWidth a function of some other prop.
    • A few props that take functions do not follow this pattern. These include data accessor functions like y and x, and tickFormat. The arguments for these props have not changed.

    🔄 Changes for VictoryCandlestick labels

    Related PR: #1295

    👍 VictoryCandlestick now has granular support for labels corresponding to each portion of the candle. The current labels and labelComponent props will be joined by new props corresponding to each part of the candle.
    🆕 New props

    0️⃣ This will be a breaking change affecting the positioning of the default label. In earlier versions, the default label was positioned above the candle, it will now be positioned next to the center of the candle.
    To use older label positioning, use highLabels / highLabelComponent rather than label / labelComponent. If you are using tooltips with VictoryCandlestick, you will need to register a custom event to trigger your highLabels tooltip:


      highLabels={({ datum }) => datum.high}
      highLabelComponent={<VictoryTooltip />}
        target: "data",
        eventHandlers: {
          onMouseOver: () => ({ target: "highLabels", mutation: () => ({ active: true }) }),
          onMouseOut: () => ({ target: "highLabels", mutation: () => ({ active: false }) })

    The style prop for VictoryCandlestick now also has namespaces for the new labels in addition to the current labels namespace. When both labels and specific label styles (e.g. highLabels) are provided, the styles will be merged

    🔄 Changes for VictoryVoronoiContainer

    Related PR: #1371

    🔧 Before this version VictoryVoronoiContainer had limited functionality for mouse-following tooltips, and for constraining a tooltip to the chart area, but it was only usable for multi-point tooltips (with voronoiDimension), and was not user configurable. This version aims to correct these limitations:

    • mouseFollowTooltips: This new boolean prop on VictoryVoronoiContainer determines whether the labels should follow the mouse position or snap into place. (Note that in charts using voronoiDimension, the tooltip still follows the mouse in the non-voronoiDimension, as demonstrated in the charts below (both with voronoiDimension="x")



    • 0️⃣ constrained tooltips: multi-point tooltips rendered by VictoryVoronoiContainer will no longer be constrained to the chart area by default. Instead, add the constrainToVisibleArea prop to VictoryTooltip to enable this behavior for both multi-point and single point tooltips:

      containerComponent={ } /> }

    🔄 Changes for VictoryTooltip and VictoryLabel

    Related PR:#1371

    👍 The changes we wanted to make to support new behaviors in VictoryVoronoiContainer required some changes to VictoryTooltip and VictoryLabel

    🆕 New props for VictoryTooltip:

    🚚 constrainToVisibleArea is a boolean prop that, when true, will alter the position of the tooltip so that it exactly fits within the svg Victory renders. The tooltip's center will be moved, but the pointer will remain pointing at the associated x, y value of the tooltip. When this prop is set to true, pointerLength may not be respected

    center is a prop that may be given as an object with values or functions for "x" and "y". When this prop is set, it will position the center of the tooltip (centered around the main body of the tooltip, minus the pointer). When this prop is not set, it will be calculated from other props such as x, y, pointerLength, etc. This prop was added to enable mouse-following tooltips in VictoryVoronoiContainer.

    centerOffset is a prop that may be given as an object with values or functions for "x" and "y". When this prop is set, the center of the tooltip will be offset by some amount from the x, y value it points to, resulting in a slanted pointer. When this prop is set, pointerLength will not be respected (because the pointer will be slanted)

    flyoutHeight (formerly height): This optional prop determines the height of the tooltip flyout (minus pointer). The name of this prop was changed so that it would not conflict with the height prop now passed to VictoryTooltip by its parents

    flyoutWidth (formerly width): This optional prop determines the width of the tooltip flyout (minus pointer). The name of this prop was changed so that it would not conflict with the width prop now passed to VictoryTooltip by its parents

    width: the overall width of the parent svg. This prop will be passed down from any victory component that uses VictoryTooltip as a label

    height: the overall height of the parent svg. This prop will be passed down from any victory component that uses VictoryTooltip as a label

    🔄 Changes Affecting VictoryLabel and VictoryTooltip

    • The x and y values passed to labels by their parent components have all been adjusted so that their values match the position of the data point they correspond to. All padding is now accounted for in the dx and dy props instead of being added directly to x and y.
      This will be a breaking change for anyone who is wrapping label components and relying on the x and y props they receive, or providing their own dx / dy props. These breaking changes may take a bit of manual adjustment to correct, but we hope this change will make label positioning easier to reason about in the long run.

    Other Changes
    🐎 We have been concurrently working on improving performance and the stability of events in victory-native. The following changes have been added to support these efforts:

    Related PR: #1373

    • 0️⃣ A prependDefaultAxes boolean prop has been added to VictoryChart. This prop will be set true by default in victory-native to reduce the possibility of axis elements to interfere with events.
    • Invisible ticks and grids will no longer be rendered unless they have events attached to them. This is again to reduce interference with events.

    Related PR: #1365

    • 🐎 Swapped out React component primitives (Bar, Path etc) with for function primitives to match performance-improving changes in victory-native. (This is a breaking change for anyone extending from victory components)
  • v32.3.7

    August 19, 2018

    #1368 Ensures that animations finish for unmounting components. Thanks @fbarbat!

  • v32.3.6

    August 08, 2019

    #1363 Fix regression affecting createContainer. Thanks @stefanscript

  • v32.3.5

    August 07, 2019

    #1362 Fix scroll wheel interaction in newer versions of Chrome.

  • v32.3.4

    August 05, 2019

    ⚡️ #1361 Updates to lodash^4.17.15. Thanks @tomciopp

  • v32.3.3

    July 03, 2019

    🛠 #1346 - Fixes a bug which was preventing VictoryVoronoiContainer from activating all coincident points when no voronoiDimension was set