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  • v32.0.0

    February 27, 2019

    Horizontal Chart Improvements!


    The goal of this change is to make it possible to turn any existing chart into a horizontal chart by adding the horizontal prop to the chart without needing to alter any other props.

    • 👌 supports horizontal versions of all chart types without needing to alter data
    • 👌 supports all event containers for horizontal charts
    • enforces consistency across props that take x and y values so that the x value always refers to the independent dimension, and the y value always refers to the dependent dimension.
    • the orientation of VictoryAxis components is no longer tied to whether or not they are the dependentAxis

    💥 Breaking Changes

    Most Horizontal Charts The change in how props with x and y values are treated (i.e. scale, domain, etc) will be a breaking change for most horizontal charts. In most cases, reversing the x and y values of props you are providing to your horizontal chart will be sufficient to correct the change. For example:

    <VictoryChart horizontal scale={{ x: "log" }} domain={{ y: [4, 9] }}>
          { x: 5, y: 0.1 },
          { x: 6, y: 1 },
          { x: 7, y: 10 },
          { x: 8, y: 100 }

    Should be changed to:

    <VictoryChart horizontal scale={{ y: "log" }} domain={{ x: [4, 9] }}>
          { x: 5, y: 0.1 },
          { x: 6, y: 1 },
          { x: 7, y: 10 },
          { x: 8, y: 100 }

    Props affected by this change are: scale, domain, maxDomain, minDomain, domainPadding, and categories

    Horizontal Charts with Event Containers Dimension props such as brushDimension have changed so that they always refer to the dimension of the target variable (x for the independent variable, and y for the dependent variable). For example, a VictoryBrushContainer component with brushDimension="x" will move and expand only in the independent dimension regardless of whether the chart is horizontal.

    Props affected by this change are: brushDimension, cursorDimension, selectionDimension, voronoiDimension, and zoomDimension

    Horizontal Charts with Custom dataComponents The position values (i.e. x, y, x0, y0) supplied to custom dataComponents from components like VictoryChart will be scaled for the layout of the horizontal chart. Users who rely on these values may need to flip them or adjust them depending on their use case

    Horizontal VictoryBoxPlot Previously VictoryBoxPlot required data to be flipped (x values flipped with y values) in order to plot horizontal charts. This is no longer required, and providing data in this format will no longer work correctly. To correct for this change, it should be sufficient to flip the data used in horizontal charts

  • v31.3.0

    February 23, 2019
    • 👍 1247 Adds support for labelOrientation as an object for VictoryBoxPlot. Thanks @mAAdhaTTah
  • v31.2.0

    January 27, 2019

    Axis improvements

    • 👍 1244 Supports the axisValue prop for both cartesian and polar charts. This prop allows users to position an axis relative to a value on the opposite axis. Values may be given as numbers, dates, or strings. This prop only works for axis components when they are nested within VictoryChart. Standalone axes can still be positioned using offsetX and offsetY` props.
    • 1240 Allows multiple independent axes in a single chart

    Removes all deprecated lifecycle methods

    • ⚡️ 1239 Removes all componentWillReceiveProps lifecycle methods and adds shouldComponentUpdate logic for higher level components. Previously only the lowest level components performed sCU checks.
    • 1228 Replaces componentWillMount with componentDidMount

    🐛 bug fixes

    • 1243 Prevents VictoryBrushLine active brushes from overflowing the brush area when a chart is zoomed
    • 🛠 1241 Fixes a regression effecting immutable data rendering
    • 🛠 1227 Fixes a minor regression effecting parent event keys introduced by 1211
  • v31.1.0

    January 08, 2019
    • 🛠 1222 Bugfix: Avoid rendering null values on discrete data
    • 🛠 1218 Bugfix: Ensure that calculated domains respect custom baselines for VictoryBar and VictoryArea
    • 🛠 1202 Bugfix: Correct missing bar values
    • 🐎 1208 Performance: Improve performance in addEventKeys
    • 🐎 1211 Performance: Optimize stringMap calculations
    • 🐎 1212 Performance: Optimize for preformatted data: When data objects already contain _x, _y (and _y0 where appropriate) and have data accessor props like x="_x", data will no longer be formatted by Victory, but will be used as is. Example: <VictoryArea data={[ { _x: 0, _y0: 1, _y: 2 } ...]} x="_x" y="_y" y0="_y0" />
    • ⚡️ 1209 Feature: Adds an animationWhitelist property to the animate prop. This property should be given as an array of strings. When this prop is given, only the prop names matching the array will be animated, and all other props will be instantaneously updates.


          animationWhitelist: ["data"]

    When this property is not set, the static animationWhitelist of any given component will be used.

  • v31.0.2

    December 12, 2018
    • 💅 1200 Export defaultStyles from VictoryLabel. Thanks @rudasoftware!
  • v31.0.1

    November 17, 2018
    • 🛠 1182 Bugfix: fixes incorrect cornerRadius
    • 🛠 1185 Bugfix: corrects bug in zooming for horizontal charts
  • v31.0.0

    November 10, 2018
    • 👍 #1177 Adds support for controlling radius, innerRadius, cornerRadius, padAngle, sliceStartAngle and sliceEndAngle for each individual slice of a pie:

    Details: The Slice primitive used by VictoryPie now takes radius, cornerRadius, innerRadius, padAngle, sliceStartAngle and sliceEndAngle props. Each of these props may be given as number or a function of datum and active. padAngle, radius, cornerRadius and innerRadius will be passed down from props on VictoryBar, but sliceStartAngle and sliceEndAngle must be defined directly on the Slice instance, These values should be given in degrees. To make these values easier to use as functional props, startAngle, endAngle, and padAngle (in degrees) are added to each datum passed into Slice. (If your data already has these properties they will not be overridden)

    💥 Breaking Changes The Slice primitive will still take a pathFunction prop, but this prop will no longer be provided by VictoryPie. This will not be a breaking change for most users. This will only affect users who were wrapping the Slice component and making use of the pathFunction prop provided by VictoryPie Users who were providing their own pathFunction prop to Slice should not be effected.

  • v30.6.1

    November 09, 2018
    • 🛠 #1178 Bugfix: single point charts with time scale data are appropriately centered
    • 🛠 #1171 Bugfix: fixLabelOverlap no longer causes errors with string tickValues
  • v30.6.0

    October 26, 2018
    • 🛠 #1152 Bugfix: barWidth functions were not being correctly evaluated
    • #1158 cornerRadius improvements for VictoryBar
      • Artifacts caused by cornerRadius values larger than the height of the bar have been corrected
      • cornerRadius now supports topLeft, topRight, bottomLeft and bottomRight values in addition to existing values. This is not a breaking change. These values may be used alongside existing values for top and bottom, but more specific values will override less specific values.
  • v30.5.1

    October 18, 2018
    • #1149 Adds onTouchEnd helper for VictoryCursorContainer