react-redux v7.1.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-08-26 // 11 months ago
  • 🚀 This release is sponsored by Deft, providing technical teams to high-growth SaaS companies with the processes they need to scale successfully. Please reach out to see how we can help with your software development, systems architecture, and infrastructure design needs.

    🚀 This release includes some new APIs for those that want to use a custom React Context with our Hooks API, a small memory optimization, and has a fix for when the store changes on a Provider with incompatible children.


    🚀 P.S. On the sponsorship section above, it's a thing we're trying out to see how it feels and if it causes any problems for your workflows. (Don't worry, no ads are coming to your npm installs!) The idea for future releases is to let those that contributed to that release have the opportunity to sponsor that release. We don't need donations, but we definitely do need PRs! Hopefully, it's a fair way to encourage them. Please let us know if it's a problem in any way.