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  • v7.1.1

    August 26, 2019

    🚀 This release is sponsored by Deft, providing technical teams to high-growth SaaS companies with the processes they need to scale successfully. Please reach out to see how we can help with your software development, systems architecture, and infrastructure design needs.

    🚀 This release includes some new APIs for those that want to use a custom React Context with our Hooks API, a small memory optimization, and has a fix for when the store changes on a Provider with incompatible children.


    🚀 P.S. On the sponsorship section above, it's a thing we're trying out to see how it feels and if it causes any problems for your workflows. (Don't worry, no ads are coming to your npm installs!) The idea for future releases is to let those that contributed to that release have the opportunity to sponsor that release. We don't need donations, but we definitely do need PRs! Hopefully, it's a fair way to encourage them. Please let us know if it's a problem in any way.

  • v7.1.0

    June 11, 2019


    After much discussion, we've decided these Hook things are probably going to stick around, so we might as well add some. Many thanks to @MrWolfZ, @josepot, @perrin4869, and @mpeyper for their contributions and to everyone else that offered feedback, ideas, and critiques as we built them out. Go open source!


  • v7.1.0-rc.1

    May 30, 2019

    🍱 ⚠️We've got RC sign! ⚠️

    🚀 This version is essentially the same as the previous 7.1.0-alpha.5 release. But it has an rc tag on it, so you can more easily justify the upgrade to your manager.

    Get to it!

    npm install react-redux@next

  • v7.1.0-alpha.5

    May 20, 2019

    We're still making changes to our hooks APIs, but I'm hopeful that we're getting close to having the behavior nailed down.

    🚀 This release makes three specific changes to useSelector:

    • 🚚 The deps array has been removed. If you want to ensure the same selector function reference is used, you should memoize it yourself.
    • 0️⃣ The default equality check used to determine if a re-render is needed is now a strict === check, instead of a shallow equality check.
    • useSelector now accepts a comparison function as an optional second argument, similar to how React.memo() works conceptually. You may pass your own comparison function to customize how useSelector determines if a re-render is necessary.

    In addition, we now export our internal shallowEqual utility function. If you want to return to the prior equality behavior, you may pass that as the equality comparison function:

    import { shallowEqual, useSelector } from "react-redux"// laterconst selectedData = useSelector(mySelector, shallowEqual)

    The optional comparison function also enables using something like Lodash's _.isEqual() or Immutable.js's comparison capabilities.


  • v7.1.0-alpha.4

    May 01, 2019

    Our previous alpha versions included both useSelector() (similar to mapState) and useActions() (similar to mapDispatch).

    However, Dan Abramov strongly suggested that we consider removing useActions(), as the idea of "binding action creators" is less relevant when using hooks, and also adds conceptual overhead and syntactic complexity. We requested feedback from alpha users, and the initial feedback agreed with Dan's suggestion.

    Based on that feedback, v7.1.0-alpha.4 removes the useActions() hook. Instead, call useDispatch() in your component, and manually call dispatch(someActionCreator()) in callbacks and effects as needed.

    🚚 If you still wish to use useActions(), the hooks alpha docs page has an implementation you can copy and paste into your own code.


    • ✂ Remove useActions ( 54fd9dd )
  • v7.1.0-alpha.3

    April 28, 2019

    🚚 After discussion in the hooks alpha feedback issue, we've decided to remove the useRedux() hook, as it doesn't really bring any benefits. If you were using it in your own code, replace the useRedux() call with separate calls to useSelector() and useActions().

    🛠 This release also includes the timing bugfix from #1263.

    ✅ Also, while you won't notice it, @mpeyper was able to simplify our hooks unit tests using react-hooks-testing-library.


    • ✂ Remove useRedux hook 8c0750c
    • 🛠 fix timing issue in component updates due to consecutive dispatches (#1263 by @MrWolfZ)
    • ✅ Use react-hooks-testing-library to test hooks (#1259 by @mpeyper)
  • v7.1.0-alpha.1

    April 22, 2019

    📄 React hooks are cool. All the cool kids are adding hooks to their libraries. We wanna be cool too.

    That's why React Redux now includes a set of hooks you can use as an alternative to connect()!

    npm i react-redux@next
    yarn add react-redux@next

    🚀 This alpha release includes the following hooks:

    • useSelector(): extracts values from the Redux store state and subscribes to the store (similar to mapState)
    • useActions(): binds action creators so that they dispatch actions when called (similar to mapDispatch)
    • useRedux(): both extracts values and binds action creators (similar to connect())
    • useDispatch(): returns the store dispatch method
    • useStore(): returns the Redux store instance

    📄 For more details, please see the "Hooks" API reference page under the "next" version section of the React Redux docs. In addition, issue #1179: Discussion: Potential hooks API design contains the history of how these APIs were designed.

    Please try these hooks out in your own apps, and give us feedback on how well they work!

    We've opened up issue #1252 as a thread for feedback and discussion of the alpha.

    Note : The hook APIs listed in this page are still experimental and in alpha! Try them out, but be aware that they may be changed before a final release, including potential renaming or removal.

    🔄 Changes


    Thanks to:

    • @MrWolfZ for creating a proof-of-concept library for these hooks, turning that library into the core implementation PR, and helping work through a ton of edge cases and issues
    • everyone who built an unofficial Redux hooks library, particularly @ianobermiller and @epeli
    • everyone who helped brainstorm and refine ideas in #1063 and #1179
  • v7.1.0-alpha.0

    April 22, 2019

    🎉 Initial alpha hooks release. See the release notes for v7.1.0-alpha.1 for details.

  • v7.0.3

    April 28, 2019

    🛠 This release includes a bugfix for a timing issue in connect(), and also lowers our React peer dependency slightly to allow better usage with React Native 0.59.


  • v7.0.2

    April 12, 2019

    🚀 This is a bug fix release with a small performance improvement and fix for nested component unmounting.


    • 📝 Memoize renderedWrappedComponent separately (#1234 by @vzaidman)
    • 🛠 Fix timing issue with setting up store subscription inside a connected component (#1235 by @MrWolfZ)