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โš›๏ธ๐Ÿ“† Flexible React date range picker calendar with no dependencies

[Example Image](public/example-image1.png)


Demo page at https://almogtavor.github.io/date-range-picker/

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Main Features

  • Pick method - an option of configuring the component to be date picker, range picker, or ranges picker.
  • Days amount tab - an option of selecting a number of days backward from the current date immediately by choosing a number.
  • Colors palette - an option of determining the component's color (can be disabled removed).
  • Language - English and Hebrew support.
  • Select all button - an option of selecting all of the current board's dates. Whether viewing dates, months, or years.
  • Boards number - an option of configuring components to be in one board or two boards.


$ npm i dates-picker


function callbackFunction(dates) {
    console.log(`The range of dates that got picked is: ${dates.text}`);
    console.log(`The min date that got picked is: ${dates.minDate}`);
    console.log(`The max date that got picked is: ${dates.maxDate}`);
    console.log(`The number of days that got picked is: ${dates.numberOfDaysPicked}`);
    console.log(`All dates: ${dates.allDates}`);

function MyComponent() {
    return (


Property Type Allowed Values Default Value Description
language String English, Hebrew English component's language. currently support English and Hebrew. Notice Languages such Hebrew changes the whole component from left to right to right to left.
colorsPalette String enabled, disabled enabled by enabling colors palette you can choose the component's color.
format String any combination of 2 Ds, 2 Ms and 2\4 Ys with other DD-MM-YYYY the format of the dates.
selectAllButton String enabled, disabled enabled depends on current board's view (dates, months, or years), select all enabled items.
startDate date date object new Date(1900, 0, 0) calendar's start date.
endDate date date object new Date(2025, 0, 0) calendar's end date.
firstDayOfWeekIndex int 0 - 6 0 (sunday) first day of the week (etc monday, sunday).
pickMethod String date, range, ranges range date means picking one day (on one board). range is to peak dates two dates. ranges is to pick an array of ranges (with view option on hover).
defaultColor String any color format item #2196f3 default component's color. becomes the first option on colors palette.
daysAmountTab String enabled, disabled disabled by enabling, there will be a button on the left that you can open and choose prepared range, or days amount up to today.
boardsNum int 1, 2 2 by specifing you can choose the component's boards number.

Future Plans

  • Add simple and intuitive time picker option (by list\ or visual clock\ both).
  • Tooltips for buttons explanation (for example on select all button).
  • On non-component-screen click, close component.
  • Go back button on non-dates mode (or on all modes for previous). When the user is in month's or year's mode, add an option to return to dates mode without choosing any value.
  • Component & button sizes parameters
  • Border radius parameter
  • An option to cancel picked range from the input label