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  • slate

    9.8 8.2 TypeScript
    A completely customizable framework for building rich text editors. (Currently in beta.)
  • Mantine

    9.7 9.9 TypeScript
    A fully featured React components library
  • tiptap

    9.7 9.7 TypeScript
    The headless rich text editor framework for web artisans.
  • react-syntax-highlighter

    8.1 0.9 JavaScript
    syntax highlighting component for react with prismjs or highlightjs ast using inline styles
  • tagify

    8.0 9.5 HTML
    ๐Ÿ”– lightweight, efficient Tags input component in Vanilla JS / React / Angular / Vue
  • react-colorful

    7.6 0.0 TypeScript
    ๐ŸŽจ A tiny (2,8 KB) color picker component for React and Preact apps
  • react-simple-code-editor

    6.7 0.0 TypeScript
    Simple no-frills code editor with syntax highlighting
  • @lunasec/react-sdk

    6.6 5.5 TypeScript
    LunaSec - Dependency Security Scanner that automatically notifies you about vulnerabilities like Log4Shell or node-ipc in your Pull Requests and Builds. Protect yourself in 30 seconds with the LunaTrace GitHub App:
  • neodrag

    6.4 6.7 TypeScript
    One Draggable to rule them all ๐Ÿ’
  • react-date-picker

    6.4 8.8 TypeScript
    A date picker for your React app.
  • react-movable

    6.2 4.6 TypeScript
    ๐Ÿ”€ Drag and drop for your React lists and tables. Accessible. Tiny.
  • react-nice-dates

    6.0 0.0 JavaScript
    A responsive, touch-friendly, and modular date picker library for React.
  • interweave

    5.8 5.5 TypeScript
    ๐ŸŒ€ React library to safely render HTML, filter attributes, autowrap text with matchers, render emoji characters, and much more.
  • schedule-x

    5.6 9.7 TypeScript
    Material design event calendar and date picker
  • react-simplemde-editor

    5.4 0.0 TypeScript
    React wrapper for simplemde (easymde) markdown editor
  • react-select-search

    5.4 5.7 JavaScript
    โšก๏ธ Lightweight select component for React
  • edtr-io

    5.1 8.3 TypeScript
    DISCONTINUED. is an open source WYSIWYG in-line web editor written in React. Its plugin architecture makes lean and extensive at the same time.
  • react-advanced-cropper

    4.6 5.2 TypeScript
    The react cropper library that embraces power of the advanced cropper core to give the possibility to create croppers that exactly suited for your website design
  • ckeditor5-react

    4.6 8.6 TypeScript
    Official CKEditor 5 React component.
  • react-mobile-picker

    4.1 3.6 TypeScript
    An iOS like selector/picker component for web
  • react-payment-inputs

    4.1 0.0 JavaScript
    A React Hook & Container to help with payment card input fields.
  • @anatoliygatt/heart-switch

    4.0 1.7 TypeScript
    โค๏ธ A heart-shaped toggle switch component for React.
  • react-multi-email

    3.9 7.8 TypeScript
    :octocat: A simple react component to format multiple email as the user types.
  • react-datepicker2

    3.6 0.7 JavaScript
    DISCONTINUED. react datepicker component.(include persian jalaali calendar)
  • smartblock

    3.6 8.1 TypeScript
    intuitive block based wysiwyg editor built with React and ProseMirror
  • react-monacoeditor

    3.4 4.9 TypeScript
    Monaco Editor component for React.
  • react-rating

    3.3 4.4 TypeScript
    โญ Zero-dependency, highly customizable rating component for React.
  • rich-textarea

    3.2 8.7 TypeScript
    A small customizable textarea for React to colorize, highlight, decorate texts, offer autocomplete and much more.
  • react-timezone-select

    3.2 7.9 TypeScript
    ๐ŸŒ An extremely usable and dynamic React timezone selector
  • react-numpad

    2.8 0.0 JavaScript
    A numpad for number, date and time, built with and for React.