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  • v7.1.0

    May 15, 2020

    7.1.0 (2020-05-15)

    🐛 Bug Fixes

    🔋 Features

    • 👉 useFilters: add filterTypes: includesSome & includesValue (#2329) (1d729b9)
  • v7.0.6

    May 14, 2020

    7.0.6 (2020-05-14)

    🐛 Bug Fixes

    • 💻 detect browser support for passive events (#2325) (fddbc19)
  • v7.0.5

    May 12, 2020
    • ➕ Added semantic release support. So no more changelog entries here! See ya!
  • v7.0.4

    April 02, 2020
    • 🛠 Fixed a regression where @scarf/scarf was somehow removed from the package dependencies
  • v7.0.3

    April 02, 2020
    • 🛠 Fixed an issue where unnecessary documentation dependencies were added when installing the library
    • 🛠 Fixed an issue where the scripts directory was not added to the npm package on build
  • v7.0.2

    May 12, 2020
    • 🛠 Fixed an issue where the internal flexRenderer would not work correctly in production due to the strangest friggin' minification bug I've ever encountered. 🤷‍♂️
  • v7.0.1

    April 01, 2020
    • ➕ Added the value property to cell renderers so that destructurin the value from the cell property is now not necessary. This should help with people migrating from v6 and also just to cut down on noise in cell renderers
    • 🛠 Fixed an issue where rollup would not build correctly
    • 🛠 Fixed an issue where a page index of -1 would result in an error
  • v7.0.0

    March 10, 2020

    React Table v7 marks the culmination of over a years worth of work to refactor the entire library to a hooks-only UI/Style/Markup agnostic table building utility.

    💅 This latest version is a collection of React hooks and plugins (which are also hooks!) that help you flexibly compose logical features of the most complex data grids into a single API returned by the primary useTable hook. This API is performant, extensible, and unopinionated about markup, styles or rendering.

    📚 From the new Concepts documentation page:

    💻 React Table v7 is a headless utility, which means out of the box, it doesn't render or supply any actual UI elements. You are in charge of utilizing the state and callbacks of the hooks provided by this library to render your own table markup. Read this article to understand why React Table is built this way. If you don't want to, then here's a quick rundown anyway:

    • 💻 Separation of Concerns - Not that superficial kind you read about all the time. The real kind. React Table as a library honestly has no business being in charge of your UI. The look, feel, and overall experience of your table is what makes your app or product great. The less React Table gets in the way of that, the better!
    • ⚡️ Maintenance - By removing the massive (and seemingly endless) API surface area required to support every UI use-case, React Table can remain small, easy-to-use and simple to update/maintain.
    • 💻 Extensibility - UI presents countless edge cases for a library simply because it's a creative medium, and one where every developer does things differently. By not dictating UI concerns, React Table empowers the developer to design and extend the UI based on their unique use-case.

    🔋 Features from the README:

    • Lightweight (5kb - 14kb+ depending on features used and tree-shaking)
    • 💻 Headless (100% customizable, Bring-your-own-UI)
    • Auto out of the box, fully controllable API
    • Sorting (Multi and Stable)
    • Filters
    • Pivoting & Aggregation
    • Row Selection
    • Row Expansion
    • Column Ordering
    • Animatable
    • Virtualizable
    • Resizable
    • Server-side/controlled data/state
    • 🔌 Extensible via hook-based plugin system

    A special thanks!

    With the help of many contributors and awesome sponsors, React Table has become a very powerful tool that will continue to support the React ecosystem for many years to come.

    Well, what are you waiting for!

    📄 Go get started!

  • v7.0.0-rc.9

    December 11, 2019
    • 🛠 Fixed an issue where dependency hooks were not being reduced properly, thus the table would rerender unnecessarily
    • 📇 Renamed toggleRowSelectedAll to toggleAllRowsSelected. Duh...
    • ➕ Added an indeterminate boolean prop to the default props for row selection toggle prop getters
    • 📇 Renamed selectedRowPaths to selectedRowIds, which also no longer contains paths, but row IDs
    • Grouped or nested row selection actions and state are now derived, instead of tracked in state.
    • Rows now have a new property called id, which existed before and was derived from the getRowId option
    • Rows now also have an isSomeSelected prop when using the useRowSelect hook, which denotes that at least one subRow is selected (if applicable)
    • 🗄 Rows' path property has been deprecated in favor of id
    • Expanded state is now tracked with row IDs instead of paths
    • RowState is now tracked with row IDs instead of paths
    • toggleExpandedByPath has been renamed to toggleExpandedById, and thus accepts a row ID now, instead of a row path
  • v7.0.0-rc.8

    December 10, 2019
    • 🛠 Fix an issue where useResizeColumns would crash when using the resizer prop getter
    • 🛠 Fix an issue where useBlockLayout was clobbering props sent to headers