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MUI X is a collection of advanced UI components, including a data grid and date and time pickers.

These components are significantly more complex than the ones found in the MUI Core libraries. They feature advanced functionality for data-rich applications and a wide range of other use cases.

MUI X is open core—base components are MIT-licensed, while more advanced features require a Pro or Premium commercial license. See the Licensing page for details.

CII Best Practices



Data Grid

Read the Data Grid Installation instructions in the MUI X docs.

Date and Time Pickers

Read the Date and Time Pickers Installation instructions in the MUI X docs.

MIT vs. commercial licenses

MUI has been building MIT-licensed React components since 2014, and we are committed to the continued advancement of the open-source libraries. Anything we release under an MIT license will remain MIT-licensed forever. You can learn more about our stewardship ethos in this document from our company handbook.

We offer commercial licenses to developers who need the most advanced features that cannot be easily maintained by the open-source community. Commercial licenses enable us to support a full-time staff of engineers, which is simply not possible through the MIT model.

Rest assured that when we release features commercially, it's only because we believe that you will not find a better MIT-licensed alternative anywhere else.

See the Pricing page for a detailed feature comparison.


Community Plan

The free version of MUI X is published under an MIT license and is free forever. This version contains features that we believe are maintainable by contributions from the open-source community.

MIT licensed packages:

Pro Plan

The Pro version of MUI X expands on the features of the free version with more advanced capabilities such as multi-filtering, multi-sorting, column resizing and column pinning for the data grid; as well as the date range picker component.

The Pro version is available under a commercial license—visit the Pricing page for details.

Pro packages:

Premium Plan

The Premium version of MUI X covers the most advanced features of the data grid, such as row grouping, Excel export, and aggregation, in addition to everything that's included in the Pro Plan.

The Premium version is available under a commercial license—visit the Pricing page for details.

Premium package:

Questions and feedback


We use GitHub issues as a bug and feature request tracker. If you think you've found a bug, or you have a new feature idea, please start by making sure it hasn't already been reported or fixed. You can search through existing issues and pull requests to see if someone has reported one similar to yours.

Open an issue in the MUI X repo.

Stack Overflow

Visit Stack Overflow to ask questions and read crowdsourced answers from expert developers in the MUI community, as well as MUI maintainers.

Post a question about MUI X on Stack Overflow using the "mui" tag.

Bugs and feature requests

You can create an issue on this repository. Please always provide a reproduction case. As a starting point, we recommend you browse the documentation, and select the closest example to your use case. Or you can use a basic template to build your reproduction case.


Read the contributing guide to learn about our development process, how to propose bug fixes and improvements, and how to build and test your changes.

Contributing to MUI X is about more than just issues and pull requests! There are many other ways to support MUI beyond contributing to the code base.


The changelog is regularly updated to reflect what's changed in each new release.


Future plans and high-priority features and enhancements can be found in our roadmap.


For details of supported versions and contact details for reporting security issues, please refer to the security policy.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the MUI X Data grid README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.