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  • v2.6.8

    December 14, 2019

    Apollo Client 2.6.8

    Apollo Client (2.6.8)

    ⚡️ Update the fetchMore type signature to accept context.
    @koenpunt in #5147

    🛠 Fix type for Resolver and use it in the definition of Resolvers.
    @peoplenarthax in #4943

    Local state resolver functions now receive a fragmentMap: FragmentMap object, in addition to the field: FieldNode object, via the info parameter.
    @mjlyons in #5388

    📚 Documentation updates.
    @tomquirk in #5645
    @Sequoia in #5641
    @phryneas in #5628
    @AryanJ-NYC in #5560

    GraphQL Anywhere (4.2.6)

    Apollo Boost (0.4.7)

    👷 Replace GlobalFetch reference with WindowOrWorkerGlobalScope.
    @abdonrd in #5373

    ➕ Add assumeImmutableResults typing to apollo boost PresetConfig interface.
    @bencoullie in #5571

  • v2.6.7

    December 14, 2019
  • v2.6.6

    December 14, 2019
  • v2.6.5

    December 14, 2019
  • v2.6.4

    August 10, 2019
    • Modify ObservableQuery to allow queries with notifyOnNetworkStatusChange to be notified when loading after an error occurs. @jasonpaulos in #4992
    • ➕ Add graphql as a peerDependency of apollo-cache and graphql-anywhere. @ssalbdivad in #5081
    • 📚 Documentation updates. @raibima in #5132 @hwillson in #5141
  • v2.6.3

    June 18, 2019
  • v2.6.2

    June 06, 2019
  • v2.6.1

    • 📦 In all Apollo Client packages, the compilation of lib/bundle.esm.js to lib/bundle.cjs.js and lib/bundle.umd.js now uses Babel instead of Rollup, since Babel correctly compiles some edge cases that neither Rollup nor TypeScript compile correctly. @benjamn in #4911

    Apollo Cache In-Memory 1.6.1

    • Pretend that __typename exists on the root Query when matching fragments. @benjamn in #4853

    Apollo Utilities 1.3.1

    • 📦 The isEqual function has been reimplemented using the lodash.isequal npm package, to better support circular references. Since the lodash.isequal package is already used by react-apollo, this change is likely to decrease total bundle size. @capaj in #4915
  • v2.6.0

    • In production, invariant(condition, message) failures will now include a unique error code that can be used to trace the error back to the point of failure. @benjamn in #4521

    Apollo Client 2.6.0

    • 🐎 If you can be sure your application code does not modify cache result objects (see freezeResults note below), you can unlock substantial performance improvements by communicating this assumption via

      new ApolloClient({ assumeImmutableResults: true })

      which allows the client to avoid taking defensive snapshots of past results using cloneDeep, as explained by @benjamn in #4543.

    • 📦 Identical overlapping queries are now deduplicated internally by apollo-client, rather than using the apollo-link-dedup package. @benjamn in commit 7cd8479f

    • The FetchPolicy type has been split into two types, so that passing cache-and-network to ApolloClient#query is now forbidden at the type level, whereas previously it was forbidden by a runtime invariant assertion:

      export type FetchPolicy =
      | 'cache-first'
      | 'network-only'
      | 'cache-only'
      | 'no-cache'
      | 'standby';

    export type WatchQueryFetchPolicy = | FetchPolicy | 'cache-and-network';

      The exception thrown if you ignore the type error has also been improved to explain the motivation behind this restriction. <br/>
      [Issue #3130 (comment)]( and commit [cf069bc7](
    - ⚡️ Avoid updating (and later invalidating) cache watches when `fetchPolicy` is `'no-cache'`. <br/>
      [@bradleyayers]( in [PR #4573](, part of [issue #3452](
    - ✂ Remove temporary `queryId` after `fetchMore` completes. <br/>
      [@doomsower]( in [#4440](
    - Call `clearStore` callbacks after clearing store. <br/>
      [@ds8k]( in [#4695](
    - Perform all `DocumentNode` transforms once, and cache the results. <br/>
      [@benjamn]( in [#4601](
    - Accommodate `@client @export` variable changes in `ObservableQuery`. <br/>
      [@hwillson]( in [#4604](
    - 👌 Support the `returnPartialData` option for watched queries again. <br/>
      [@benjamn]( in [#4743](
    - Preserve `networkStatus` for incomplete `cache-and-network` queries. <br/>
      [@benjamn]( in [#4765](
    - Preserve `cache-and-network` `fetchPolicy` when refetching. <br/>
      [@benjamn]( in [#4840](
    - ⚡️ Update the React Native docs to remove the request for external example apps that we can link to. We're no longer going to manage a list of external example apps. <br />
      [@hwillson]( in [#4531](
    - ⏱ Polling queries are no longer batched together, so their scheduling should be more predictable. <br/>
      [@benjamn]( in [#4800](
    ### Apollo Cache In-Memory 1.6.0
    - 👌 Support `new InMemoryCache({ freezeResults: true })` to help enforce immutability. <br/>
      [@benjamn]( in [#4514](
    - 👍 Allow `IntrospectionFragmentMatcher` to match fragments against the root `Query`, as `HeuristicFragmentMatcher` does. <br/>
      [@rynobax]( in [#4620](
    - Rerential identity (`===`) of arrays in cache results will now be preserved for unchanged data. <br/>
      [@benjamn]( in commit [f3091d6a](
    - Avoid adding `__typename` field to `@client` selection sets that have been `@export`ed as input variables. <br/>
      [@benjamn]( in [#4784](
    ### GraphQL Anywhere 4.2.2
    - 🔧 The `graphql` function can now be configured to ignore `@include` and
      `@skip` directives (useful when walking a fragment to generate prop types
      or filter result data).  <br/>
      [@GreenGremlin]( in [#4373](
  • v2.5.0

    • Introduces new local state management features (client-side schema and local resolver / @client support) and many overall code improvements, to help reduce the Apollo Client bundle size. #4361
    • Revamped CJS and ESM bundling approach with Rollup. @rosskevin in #4261
    • 🛠 Fixes an issue where the QueryManager was accidentally returning cached data for network-only queries. @danilobuerger in #4352
    • 🛠 Fixed an issue in the repo .gitattributes that was causing binary files to have their line endings adjusted, and cleaned up corrupted documentation images (ref: @rajington in #4438
    • 👌 Improve (and shorten) query polling implementation. PR #4337