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  • v9.4.2

    • 0️⃣ 🐛 Small accessibility fix to MultiGrid so that focus outline shows through by default for main (bottom/right) Grid. Top and left Grids are also not tab-focusable by default now since they are scroll-observers anyway.
    • 🗄 ✨ Added columnWidth parameter to ColumnSizer and deprecated getColumnWidth callback. The callback was not necessary since columnWidth doesn't change without a re-render and fixed number values perform better in Grid due to some internal optimizations anyway.
  • v9.4.1

    • 🐛 Edge-case InfiniteLoader bug fix; prevent jumping to the first row when scrolling fast. (@reVrost - #632)
    • ⏪ 🐛 Reverted unexpected regression from #616 until a safer fix can be found.
  • v9.4.0

    • 💅 🎉 New Masonry component optimized for Pinterest-style layouts. Check out the docs and demo page to learn more. (#618)
    • 👍 🎉 MultiGrid supports scrollLeft and scrollTop props for controlled scrolling. (@julianwong94 - #624)
    • 🎉 New direction parameter passed to overscanIndicesGetter with values "horizontal" or "vertical". (@offsky - #629)
    • 👍 ✨ Replaced inline require statement with header import in Grid for better integration with the Rollup module bundler. (@odogono - #617)
    • 🐛 Improved guard for edge-case scrolling issue with rubberband scrolling in iOS. (@dtoddtarsi - #616)
    • ✨ Replaced getBoundingClientRect() with slightly faster offsetWidth and offsetHeight inside of AutoSizer.
    • AutoSizer no longer re-renders nor calls onResize callback unless width and/or height have changed (depending on which properties are being watched).
  • v9.3.0

    • 🎉 Added resetLoadMoreRowsCache method to InfiniteLoader to reset any cached data about loaded rows. This method should be called if any/all loaded data needs to be refetched (eg a filtered list where the search criteria changes). (#612)
  • v9.2.3

    • 👍 🐛 CellMeasurer should work better out of the box with MultiGrid.
    • 🐛 CellMeasurerCache should return correct values from rowHeight and columnWidth functions when keyMapper is used. (#613)
  • v9.2.2

    • 🛠 🐛 Fixed small scrollbar offset bug in MultiGrid. (#609)
  • v9.2.1

    • 🛠 🐛 Fixed potential scrollbar offset bug in MultiGrid by giving top and left Grids a little extra space to scroll into. (#535)
  • v9.2.0

    • 🎉 New Table prop, headerRowRenderer. (@kaoDev - #600)
    • 🎉 All Table event handlers now receive a named event params (@paulbrom - #605)
    • 🎉 Aria roles for Table improved to specify role="row" for table rows and role="rowgroup" for inner Grid. (@jchen527 - #607)
    • 🐛 Calling scrollToRow for List or Table no longer potentially messes up horizontal scroll position. (#603)
  • v9.1.0

    • 0️⃣ 🎉 Public method setScrollIndexes added to ArrowKeyStepper to enable easier overrides of current/default focused cell. - (@alexandro81 - #592)
    • ✨ Replaced value instanceof Function checks with typeof value === 'function' for improved robustness with iframes/frames/popups. (Learn more here.) (@rickychien - #596)
    • 0️⃣ 🐛 Grid props scrollToColumn and scrollToRow as well as Collection prop scrollToCell now default to -1 to avoid false positives from null>=0 check. - (#595)
  • v9.0.5

    • 💅 🎉 Explicitly set width/height style to "auto" before re-measuring CellMeasurer content so that new measurements can be taken. (#593)
    • 🐛 CellMeasurerCache now correctly recomputes cached row height and column width values when cells are cleared. (#594)