Dropdown libraries

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  • react-widgets

    7.8 4.5 JavaScript
    An à la carte set of polished, extensible, and accessible inputs built for React.
  • react-mdl

    7.5 0.0 CSS
    React Components for Material Design Lite.
  • react-input-enhancements

    6.6 0.9 JavaScript
    Set of enhancements for input control.
  • react-aria-menubutton

    4.1 3.9 JavaScript
    A fully accessible, easily themeable, React-powered menu button.
  • react-aim

    3.7 0.0 JavaScript
    Determine the cursor aim for triggering mouse events.
  • react-layer-stack

    2.2 0.7 JavaScript
    Simple but ubiquitously powerful and agnostic layering system for React. Useful for any kind of windowing/popover/modals/tooltip application.