apollo-client v2.6.1 Release Notes

    • 📦 In all Apollo Client packages, the compilation of lib/bundle.esm.js to lib/bundle.cjs.js and lib/bundle.umd.js now uses Babel instead of Rollup, since Babel correctly compiles some edge cases that neither Rollup nor TypeScript compile correctly. @benjamn in #4911

    Apollo Cache In-Memory 1.6.1

    • Pretend that __typename exists on the root Query when matching fragments. @benjamn in #4853

    Apollo Utilities 1.3.1

    • 📦 The isEqual function has been reimplemented using the lodash.isequal npm package, to better support circular references. Since the lodash.isequal package is already used by react-apollo, this change is likely to decrease total bundle size. @capaj in #4915