touchstonejs v0.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-07-30 // over 4 years ago
  • 🚀 This release fixes a major ongoing issue we've been having with view transitions not being correctly run in "certain" browsers. See #73 and commit 52f6eb5.

    🛠 Other fixes and additions:

    • ➕ added; SearchField UI Component
    • 🛠 fixed; a lot of cleanup in the less files, including variables, consolidation and colour tweaks
    • ➕ added; Alertbar Component can be static, and is properly animated now
    • ➕ added; SegmentedControl Component can be inline now. Also, long labels are cropped
    • ➕ added; retina left and right border mixins .retina-1px-border-[left|right](@color)
    • 🛠 fixed; proper caret handling on labelled inputs, and better handling of labelled item field focus

    💥 Breaking changes:

    • ⚡️ updated; Group now needs to be a wrapper; GroupBody applies the background colour, also use the GroupInner component