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  • In this video I look at how to add the Storybook style guide to an app bootstrapped by create-react-app.
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  • A compilation of all of your resources to stay up-to-date with React content, news and updates including React blogs, newsletters, videos, podcasts, events as well as online communities on Twitter, Reddit, Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more!
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  • If you are new to React, this is the article for you.
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  • Where to store information that your application cares about? Let's talk about that.
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  • In part 5 of the React series: React Error Handling, we are going to create error handling reducer and action to handle HTTP errors. The React Series is about the utilization of the free technologies like MySql, .NET Core and React to make a responsive, flexible and robust web application at zero cost.
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  • In this post, you can learn more about React form validation and how sending POST requests in React works.
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  • Find out how to handle put request in React project by using dynamically created update form and life cycle hooks to fetch and update data.
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  • Find out how to handle delete request in React project. How to connect redux files with the component to show the data on the page.
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  • React Redux Node MongoDB JWT Authentication Example is the today’s leading topic. We use React and Redux for the frontend, Node.js as a platform, express as a web framework and MongoDB as a NoSQL database. We use JWT authentication where, if the user is logged in then it returns a token and the client saves that token. The client uses that token each time when he tries to access the protected route. So the concept is obvious. Now let us start this small project. This article is not about the beg
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  • A compiled list of best ReactJS tools and apps.
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  • Maybe you just finished your degree like me. Or maybe you are starting out with React. Either way, here is a list of steps and resources you should take into consideration when learning React.
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  • Have thought of developing your React Application using Test Driven Development (TDD) or your client wants the project to have tests? If you don’t know where to start this is a good starting place!
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  • Redux is a powerful tool. But only if you know when (and how) to use it and when it's an overkill and you should stick with Content API.
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  • Applications developed using Test Driven Development are more modular & flexible. The blog highlights Unit Testing in ReactJS using Jest & Enzyme.
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  • The Progressive Web App makes the react web applications feel like mobile-native apps. It features the option to add a web application to the home screen of mobile devices for easy access, and supports full screen for a native application look. PWA supports cache and makes use of cached items to work in slow networks, as well as in offline mode.
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  • While making a Single Page App with React, it is very easy for your code-base to become unorganized. There are many good libraries in the React ecosystem that can be used to manage certain aspects of the app, this article covers some of them in depth. Other than that, it lists some good practices to follow from the beginning of the project if you have scalability in mind.
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  • A thorough step-by-step guide for learning the basic and advanced React Hooks (state, effects, context, and reducers).
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  • Check out how the features & advantages of using ReacJS for creating interactive User Interfaces.
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  • Should you use Flutter, React Native, or Xamarin? That depends on your project. Find out which framework is best for you in this comparison post.
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  • The KendoReact team wanted to learn (and share) what are the experts' top-of-mind tips, tricks and best practices that can make a React developer more productive so we turned to 25 experts from the React and JavaScript community and asked them this one question: What are your top productivity tips (tools, shortcuts, practices, resources) you'd give fellow React developers?
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  • This article will articulate the strong-points and shortcomings of Vue and React, allowing more clarity into the popular frameworks and which one is most favorable to developers and the growth of the business.
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  • Every time we would develop a static website I would need to manually setup the whole infrastructure for it to work properly. This was a very repetitive and tedious task that we wanted to automatize.

    In this article you will find our approach using AWS CloudFormation.
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