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  • Mobile app localization gives you access to a global market by creating customized versions of your app for different markets. Here's everything you need to know about mobile app localization to help you increase your downloads, have an edge of the competition, and give you the potential for unlimited sales.
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  • A compilation of all of your resources to stay up-to-date with React content, news and updates including React blogs, newsletters, videos, podcasts, events as well as online communities on Twitter, Reddit, Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more!
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  • React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich mobile UI from declarative components. Here are the essential tools needed for React Native development.
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  • Supernova is a design to code platform with the mission to accelerate the app development workflow for mobile designers and developers. Supernova Studio allows for flawless conversion of app designs into native iOS, Android and React Native code. Studio takes Sketch designs and converts them, within minutes, into native and production components such as buttons, labels, images, tables and more. That’s just the beginning, Studio employs highly advanced heuristics and analytics allowing for auto
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  • Pyramidion Solutions is one of the leading Mobile App Development Companies in Canada which is synonymous with the words the best Android Application Development Company in Canada and reliable iOS App developers in Canada. The brand has a team full of passion and the required expertise to develop user friendly and productive mobile apps for both the reigning mobile app platforms. Everything is taken care of from the first phase regarding the proposal you have, all the way up to launch and post l
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  • Who are the best React Native experts? Who to follow? Where to find them? Boost your RSS & Twitter feed with this list of RN influencers.
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  • Discover the top React Native UI libraries that help you build better apps faster by providing you with a pre-made set of components and elements.
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  • Check out the top React Native mobile apps in many different categories and use cases. From Facebook to Instagram, Discord, Skype, and more.
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  • Discover the steps needed to deploy your React Native app and have your Android and iOS apps ready to be published on the App Store and Google Play.
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  • This is a comprehensive guide to React Native, covering all the main areas related to the framework.

    disclaimer: this is more than just an article, taking the pdf version is almost 100 long.

    Thank you for your consideration!
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  • What’s the JS fuss all about nowadays? Find out why JavaScript has become so important for modern web development and what are the benefits of learning more about it.
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  • Should you use Flutter, React Native, or Xamarin? That depends on your project. Find out which framework is best for you in this comparison post.
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  • Gals is a full React Native bootstrap template. Based on the premium React Native bootstrap library. This application is written by React Native and JavaScript programming language. This application is ideal for Start any React Native projects that already have a website and need to make a mobile application.
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  • React native development offers native capabilities for Android and iOS app development. Here's why the react native app development is the future of mobile apps.
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