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  • Should you use TypeScript? Most likely. Read this to learn TypeScript and understand its place in the JavaScript ecosystem. BONUS: Full list of TypeScript resources.
    Article  Added by Mathdio24 // // 2 days ago
  • A compiled list of best ReactJS tools and apps.
    Article  Added by mreyman1990 // // 9 days ago
  • Who are the best React Native experts? Who to follow? Where to find them? Boost your RSS & Twitter feed with this list of RN influencers.
    Article  Added by mreyman1990 // // 11 days ago
  • Discover the best JavaScript podcasts we found in 2018. This list contains podcast ratings, descriptions, sample episodes, and quick links to subscribe to the shows. Happy listening!
    Article  Added by thefln // // 23 days ago
  • Combining WordPress and React is a powerful way to build web applications. Read this intro to the WP REST API and step-by-step tutorial for a neat React SPA with WordPress as a backend.
    Tutorial  Added by Mathdio24 // // about 1 month ago
  • React Redux Node MongoDB JWT Authentication Example is the today’s leading topic. We use React and Redux for the frontend, Node.js as a platform, express as a web framework and MongoDB as a NoSQL database. We use JWT authentication where, if the user is logged in then it returns a token and the client saves that token. The client uses that token each time when he tries to access the protected route. So the concept is obvious. Now let us start this small project. This article is not about the beg
    Article  Added by KrunalLathiya // // about 1 month ago
  • Node.js and React are two of the most powerful tools in the JavaScript ecosystem. In this tutorial, we use Strapi for Node.js content management and strap it to a React frontend, resulting in a full JS SPA.
    Tutorial  Added by Mathdio24 // // 2 months ago
  • What is Vanilla JavaScript? It's plain JS, friend! Should you learn it before fancy JS frameworks? Oh yes. Read this post to learn why. Open source list of resources to learn vanilla JS included!
    Article  Added by thefln // // 3 months ago
  • What we learned from analyzing 100 million bug reports from 15 billion sessions, 1 billion devices, and 30,000 mobile apps.
    Book  Added by aprilledaughn // // 3 months ago
  • This week we learn React fast, explore CSS in React.js, build better React.js UI, and much more!
    Article  Added by JohnM // // 3 months ago
  • Find out how to handle delete request in React project. How to connect redux files with the component to show the data on the page.
    Article  Added by CodeMazeBlog // // 4 months ago
  • Learn what a PWA is, and use GatsbyJS to create one. Code snippets, repo, and live demo included!
    Article  Added by thefln // // 4 months ago
  • Find out how to handle put request in React project by using dynamically created update form and life cycle hooks to fetch and update data.
    Article  Added by CodeMazeBlog // // 4 months ago
  • In this post, you can learn more about React form validation and how sending POST requests in React works.
    Article  Added by CodeMazeBlog // // 4 months ago
  • iOS app development is different from traditional web development, At W2S Solutions, we know the best practices and ensure our efforts are successful in providing the best app that adds value to your business. Our iPhone developers follow agile development practices and use functional, performance and user experience testing.
    Service  Added by w2ssolutions // // 4 months ago
  • In this post, we are going to create a new form component for the post actions and modal components to display success and error messages. We are going to reuse them in every parent component that needs those modal components. Furthermore, we are going to create all the input fields from the config file dynamically, since we want to make our code reusable.
    Article  Added by CodeMazeBlog // // 4 months ago
  • In part 5 of the React series: React Error Handling, we are going to create error handling reducer and action to handle HTTP errors. The React Series is about the utilization of the free technologies like MySql, .NET Core and React to make a responsive, flexible and robust web application at zero cost.
    Article  Added by CodeMazeBlog // // 5 months ago
  • Where to store information that your application cares about? Let's talk about that.
    Article  Added by Mark_S // // 5 months ago
  • So, you’ve created an awesome React JS component and want to share it with other developers. That’s awesome! In this post, I’ll show you how to do that.
    Tutorial  Added by hugodias // // 5 months ago
  • In part 4 of the React series: React Lazy Loading, we are going to use lazy load feature to load components in an async way. The React Series is about the utilization of the free technologies like MySql, .NET Core and React to make a responsive, flexible and robust web application at zero cost.
    Article  Added by CodeMazeBlog // // 5 months ago
  • Supercharge your static site with forms, password-protected authentication, and AWS Lambda functions. This tutorial explores powerful Netlify features on top of a Gatsby site [w/ live demo & code repo].
    Tutorial  Added by thefln // // 6 months ago
  • Ashbury Bags which is synonymous with the word "Bags and Shopping" redefines the words branded products and branded items with respect to bags which are tailor made as per your needs. We have classified our bags and products into various types encompassing Backpacks, Briefcase and Tote which is then merged with several collections we have to offer so that you can create a delightful end product in the form of bundle suiting your needs. Whats more? The brand features several branding solutions li
    Article  Added by BrandedItems // // 6 months ago
  • Pyramidion Solutions is one of the leading Mobile App Development Companies in Canada which is synonymous with the words the best Android Application Development Company in Canada and reliable iOS App developers in Canada. The brand has a team full of passion and the required expertise to develop user friendly and productive mobile apps for both the reigning mobile app platforms. Everything is taken care of from the first phase regarding the proposal you have, all the way up to launch and post l
    Update  Added by pyramidionz // // 6 months ago

  • Supernova is a design to code platform with the mission to accelerate the app development workflow for mobile designers and developers. Supernova Studio allows for flawless conversion of app designs into native iOS, Android and React Native code. Studio takes Sketch designs and converts them, within minutes, into native and production components such as buttons, labels, images, tables and more. That’s just the beginning, Studio employs highly advanced heuristics and analytics allowing for auto
    Article  Added by navsn // // 6 months ago
  • If you are new to React, this is the article for you.
    Article  Added by Mark_S // // 7 months ago
  • In this article, you can find how you can make sure your React props are of the valid type. Check out how to do it easily!
    Article  Added by Mark_S // // 7 months ago
  • Writing tests has never been easier. In this article, you can read more on how to get started with writing snapshot tests for React components using Jest.
    Article  Added by Alexandra_R // // 7 months ago
  • React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich mobile UI from declarative components. Here are the essential tools needed for React Native development.
    Tool  Added by hadyelhady // // 7 months ago
  • A compilation of all of your resources to stay up-to-date with React content, news and updates including React blogs, newsletters, videos, podcasts, events as well as online communities on Twitter, Reddit, Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more!
    Article  Added by hadyelhady // // 7 months ago
  • In this article, you'll learn how to communicate between two same-level React components and between the child and the parent, by using only props.
    Tutorial  Added by Mark_S // // 7 months ago