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  • Looking back at 2020 and how both cross-platform options grew, which is the better choice now going into 2021.
    Article  Added by Nezar-Mansour // // 3 days ago
  • Learn the key mobile app performance metrics that you need to be tracking in order to optimize your app’s performance and ultimately improve app quality.
    Article  Added by Nezar-Mansour // // 8 days ago
  • Quickly and easily deploy your Next.js application to Heroku. This tutorial covers setup, pushing to Heroku and setting environment variables.
    Tutorial  Added by mariesta // // 11 days ago
  • Your company's UI designer got crazy with the new web site. An independent mobile version is born and everybody expects you to code it. Here are some thoughts on the challenge.

    This article is a mix of arguments, reality checks and a code solution at the end. Its focus: device (touch/desktop) driven code split in React with no backend involved.
    Article  Added by moubi // // 21 days ago
  • A summary of my experience working with React and what I think makes a great React developer.
    Article  Added by livecodestream // // 23 days ago
  • Faster cross-platform development, native-like look and performance, being a future-proof choice and money-saving solution are the main reasons why our clients choose React Native for their mobile projects. Ideamotive provides industry and technology fitted tech talent for startups, scale-ups, and enterprises, as well as quality articles. From this one, you can learn what makes great React Native developers worth hiring.
    Article  Added by Ideamotive // // about 1 month ago
  • In this article — we will dive deeper into the mechanics of our tool, what’s happening under the hood with React Fiber, and the features we’ve implemented in the newest update.

    We go deep into how we actually created Reactime.
    Article  Added by vnguyencode // // about 1 month ago
  • Learn how React can help you build dynamic, high-quality e-commerce experiences. This post includes a step-by-step tutorial to craft a Next.js shop.
    Article  Added by Mathdio24 // // about 1 month ago
  • From a code aesthetic perspective, a combination of Hyperscript and CoffeeScript is an excellent way of writing beautiful React code.
    Article  Added by vicnicius // // about 1 month ago
  • The post covers how to implement cross-field validation. Cross-field validation is where the checks are dependent on multiple fields.
    Tutorial  Added by carlrip // // about 2 months ago
  • To simplify the creation of a react native application, you can use ready-made paid and free react-native components and templates. In this article, I collect templates by different topics: E-commerce, UI/UX components, Starter kits, Listings, Travel, Blogs, etc.. So I just put together 16 best react native templates and here it is
    Article  Added by anshbalay // // 2 months ago
  • How to integrate server-side validation into React Hook Form.
    Tutorial  Added by carlrip // // 2 months ago
  • React Native UI kit Holostic for creating application for Hotel & booking system. Inside, you will find all the necessary screens to launch Booking application in the shortest time. It helps you to save more than 1000 hours of development. All screens are adapted to create an application based on React Native. All elements have a best practice with mobile UI/UX. Use custom components and deploy it to your project easily.
    Article  Added by anshbalay // // 3 months ago
  • The virtual keyboard obscuring an input is a common issue in mobile apps. In this episode, I show how to solve this issue using the built-in KeyboardAvoidingView component in React Native, and also talk about the “react-native-keyboard-aware-scroll-view” library.
    Tutorial  Added by evrimfeyyaz // // 3 months ago
  • The post covers different ways validation error messages can be specified and output in React Hook Form. The post also covers how to create a generic validation error summary component which is useful for large forms.
    Article  Added by carlrip // // 3 months ago
  • These are free React.js courses from Udemy, Courera, and Pluralsight to learn advanced React concepts like Hooks, Context API and framework like Redux
    Article  Added by javabuddy // // 3 months ago
  • The complete guide to using next-gen images in your React app. Improve your app performance by using WebP/JPEG 2000/ JPEG XR formats.
    Tutorial  Added by mariesta // // 3 months ago
  • Learn how to dismiss (hide) the keyboard in a React Native app.
    Tutorial  Added by evrimfeyyaz // // 3 months ago
  • React Native is a prominent choice of entrepreneurs. Read this blog till the end how to optimize your react native app performance by adding 06 Add-On Features.
    Article  Added by prajaut // // 3 months ago
  • Learn how to loop inside JSX to render lists in React.
    Tutorial  Added by evrimfeyyaz // // 3 months ago
  • React native development offers native capabilities for Android and iOS app development. Here's why the react native app development is the future of mobile apps.
    Article  Added by Sam // // 3 months ago
  • Learn how to handle events, and find out why we need to bind event handlers when using class components in React.
    Article  Added by evrimfeyyaz // // 3 months ago
  • Learn how to read the value of an input in React.
    Tutorial  Added by evrimfeyyaz // // 3 months ago
  • Learn how to pass arguments to event handler functions in React.
    Tutorial  Added by evrimfeyyaz // // 3 months ago
  • Learn how to handle button click events in React.
    Tutorial  Added by evrimfeyyaz // // 3 months ago
  • We are working on a React-native app for monitoring a Wifi device. The app connects with the device over Wifi and communicates over UDP sockets.
    Article  Added by Sam // // 3 months ago
  • This post provides a crash course in the internal workings of Gatsby by showing you how to build a simple blog on Gatsby from scratch.
    Tutorial  Added by nikolalsvk // // 3 months ago
  • This tutorial will be covering how to use localize your navigation for your React app with the Context API including tabs, drawers and headers.
    Tutorial  Added by mariesta // // 3 months ago
  • Walkthrough of the best open-source React charting libraries
    Article  Added by livecodestream // // 4 months ago
  • Dark mode is a feature that allows users to choose a dark color scheme and is supported in macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows 10. In this post, we will cover how dark mode support can be added to a React app with the help of CSS properties.
    Article  Added by carlrip // // 4 months ago