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  • v4.6.0

    • Update dev dependencies and rebuild with newer Babel
  • v4.5.0

    • Cancel termination animation if Loading Bar should be restarted
  • v4.4.0

    • Update react-redux peer dependency requirement (contributed by @hugomn)
  • v4.3.0

    • Add support for RTL Layout. Ref: #88
  • v4.2.0

    • Support latest react-redux v6
  • v4.1.0

    • Make the animation smoother (at least in Chrome)
  • v4.0.8

    • Old browser compatibility (contributed by @dengbupapapa)
  • v4.0.7

    • Revert changes introduced in v4.0.6 because they break modern browsers like Chrome
  • v4.0.6

    • Animation needs to be compatible with ie9 and other browsers (contributed by @dengbupapapa)
  • v4.0.5

    • Replace .includes with a broadly supported .indexOf alternative