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  • v2.9.0 Changes

    • Make the animation smoother
  • v2.8.2 Changes

    • Add showFastActions prop to TS definition (thanks @vitosamson)
  • v2.8.1 Changes

    • React.propTypes -> PropTypes
  • v2.8.0 Changes

    • Do not display Loading Bar for quickly finished actions. You can pass the showFastActions prop to show the Loading Bar even when the action finishes in under updateTime.
  • v2.7.4 Changes

    • Do not set second interval if loading bar is shown
  • v2.7.3 Changes

    • Fix race condition when showLoading is called right after hideLoading
  • v2.7.2 Changes

    • Do not try to stop simulation if it hasn't begun
  • v2.7.1 Changes

    • Launch progress simulation only once when loading is increased couple of times
  • v2.7.0 Changes

    • Revamped animation: added slowdown to the end of the progress; instant actions will briefly display loading bar for the period of UPDATE_TIME * 2
  • v2.6.6 Changes

    • Fix issue where setState() is called on the server-side at unexpected lifecycles