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Deprecated! Use Fela and react-fela. Look reached 1.0.0 just recently, but yet I am already no longer able to fully maintain it myself (If you want to help maintain it, be sure to contact me!). I would really like to say thank you for all PRs, Issues and Help during the last year. With all the gained experience I was able to create a whole new library named Fela. I recommend using Fela for new projects as it is capable of everything Look does except doing it much simpler and faster.

Advanced & Dynamic Component Styling for React and React Native.


Wondering where all the content was going to? Look was restructured into single packages as support for React Native was added. Having single packages and some common files that are shared by both helps to keep the code & documentation clean while still having the ability to manage issues/feature requests for both packages in a single repository.


This package targets react-dom. Working with the web this is the package you need to use. It supports both client-side and server-side rendering. It uses CSS under the hood which allows us to use pseudo classes and media queries by default.


This package contains several test utilities for react-look.


This package targets react-native. With no CSS support this package uses a different way to achieve the benefits of dynamic Component styling.

Universal API

While the core modules and styling mechanism of both packages are totally different, we still try to achieve an universal API. Both use the exact same API except for the package-names.

If you've already learned to use one, you can use the other one without additional effort.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on Gitter, Stack Overflow or Twitter. I will not answer usage questions as issues but close them directly.