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License: MIT License
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React Komik!

ReactJS based comic strip creator using fabric.js canvas rendering. It's like spectacle but for comic. You can edit (positioning, scaling, coloring) the comic after rendering. Reactify anything, reactify comic.




NPM modules

Just install it from npm

npm install react-komik

You can use the component by require it and bundle it with webpack or browserify. Don't forget to import React, ReactDOM, and use Babel/JSX transformer with ES2015 (recommended)

    import React from 'react';
    import { render } from 'react-dom';
    import { Strip, Panel, Character, Balloon } from 'react-komik';

    let Comic = (props) => (
        <Strip title="Your title here" column="1">
                        text="Reactify Comic!" />

    render(<Comic />, document.getElementById('root'));

UMD Browser

Download or include the komik.js file to your HTML. Don't forget to include React, ReactDOM and JSX transformer/Babel. Please use NPM modules instead for production.

    <script src="http://sonnylazuardi.github.io/react-komik/dist/komik.js"></script>
        let { Strip, Panel, Character, Balloon } = Komik;

        class Comic extends React.Component {
            render() {
                return (
                    <Strip title="Your title here" column="1">
                                    text="Reactify Comic!" />

        ReactDOM.render(<Comic />, document.getElementById('root'));


This demo is using UMD browser, hosted on codepen and jsbin.




There are four main components:


Attribute Value Type Default Description
title String "Comic Title" Your comic title
column Integer 2 Number of comic's column
padding Integer 0 Comic padding
width Integer 500 Comic's width
height Integer 500 Comic's height
top Integer 0 Comic's top position
left Integer 0 Comic's left position
fill String (Color) 'white' Comic's background color
stroke String (Color) 'black' Comic's stroke color
strokeWidth Integer 0 Comic's stroke width
fontFamily String (Font Name) "Arial" Comic's font family
fontSize Integer 13 Comic's font size
upperCase Boolan false Comic's text upper case


Attribute Value Type Default Description
height Integer 180 Panel's height
padding Integer 20 Panel's padding
fill String (Color) 'white' Panel's background color
stroke Integer 'black' Panel's stroke color
strokeWidth Integer 3 Panel's stroke width
background String (Image URL) null Panel's background image


Attribute Value Type Default Description
image String (Image URL) 'char1.png' Character's image
scale Decimal (0 - 1) 1 Character's image scale
align String ('center', 'right', 'left') 'center' Character's align position
left Integer null Character's left position (will overwrite align)
bottom Integer 0 Character's bottom position
top Integer null Character's top position (will overwrite bottom position)


Attribute Value Type Default Description
text String 'Hi Bro!' Balloon's text
image String (SVG URL) 'chat_right.svg' Chat balloon SVG images
left Integer null Balloon's left position
bottom Integer (from Character's top) -70 Balloon's bottom position
top Integer null Balloon's top position (will overwrite bottom)
scale Decimal (0 - 1) 0.8 Balloon's image scale
align String ('center', 'left', 'right') 'left' Balloon's align from character
padding Integer 12 Balloon's text padding
height Integer 150 Balloon's height
textAlign String ('center', 'left', 'right') 'center' Balloon's text align
fontFamily String (Font Name) (The same with Strip's fontFamily) Balloon's font family
fontSize Integer (The same with Strip's fontSize) Balloon's font size


Ideas, issues, and PRs are welcomed. You can also directly shoot me an email at [email protected].

JS Comic

This project is actually an effort to write comic easier for JS Comic. Please follow @jscomicnet or like JS Comic FB page.


MIT @sonnylazuardi

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the react-komik README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.