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React Enterprise Starter Kit :fire:

Highly Scalable, performant and amazing react boilerplate for react developers to get started and improve web building capabilities. This react boilerplate is called enterprise starter kit because it is highly scalable and performant, web developers or industries can directly use this starter kit and create multiple projects.


  • Completely based on latest react hooks.

  • Redux store is in place with saga as middleware.

  • Complete control over webpack for dev and production builds.

  • Comes with all eslint standard rules for consistent codebase.

  • Highly Scalable due to its atomic design.

  • React router with lazy loding features for better performance and route based chunking.

  • Server side rendering for faster page load.

  • Progressive web app with customizable service worker.

  • Google Lighthouse score is 100 for performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO and PWA.

  • Configurable Test cases setup using latest react testing library with complete HTML coverage report.

  • Continious Integration and Deployment is setup using Travis and Netlify.

  • Components documentation using React Storybook.

  • Github actions for labeling your PR's and build passing status checks using Node CI.

Demo - https://reactenterprisestarterkit.netlify.app/

Run the following commands to run project in local machine

To start the project

npm run start-dev

To Create development build

npm run build-dev

To Create production build

npm run build-prod

To run test cases

npm run test

To run storybook

npm run storybook

To run Bundle Analyzer

npm run build-analyze

Contributors โœจ

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Contributions of any kind welcome!

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