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React-Enterprise-Starter-Kit :fire:

Highly Scalable, performant and perfect react boilerplate for react developers to get started.


  • Completely based on latest react hooks.

  • Redux store is in place with saga as middleware.

  • Complete control over webpack for dev and production builds.

  • Comes with all eslint standard rules for consistent codebase.

  • Highly Scalable due to its atomic design.

  • React router with lazy loding features for better performance and route based chunking.

  • Server side rendering for faster page load.

  • Progressive web app with customizable service worker.

  • Google Lighthouse score is 100 for performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO and PWA.

  • Configurable Test cases setup using latest react testing library with complete HTML coverage report.

  • Continious Integration and Deployment is setup using Travis and Netlify.

  • Component documentation using React Storybook.

  • Github actions for labeling your PR's and build passing status checks using Node CI.

Demo - https://reactenterprisestarterkit.netlify.app/

Run the following commands to run project in local machine

To start the project

npm run start-dev

To Create development build

npm run build-dev

To Create production build

npm run build-prod

To run test cases

npm run test

To run storybook

npm run storybook

To run Bundle Analyzer

npm run build-analyze

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