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Changelog History

  • v1.4.0 Changes

    February 19, 2019

    0๏ธโƒฃ Use default exported Request Handler

  • v1.3.1 Changes

    August 30, 2018

    ๐Ÿ‘Œ Support strings in time dataTypes

  • v1.3.0 Changes

    August 29, 2018
    • โœ‚ remove componentWillReceiveProps from Table component
  • v1.2.0 Changes

    August 27, 2018
    • Put formatting data in a new field, rather than overwriting an existing field
    • This change does impact the field that hoverProperty may wish to reference. For example, if you wish to have a hover property on a timestamp, you should probably reference fieldName, while before you would reference fieldNameTimestamp.
  • v1.1.8 Changes

    August 21, 2018
    • โž• Add customizable class name to Table Rows
    • Stop mutating table data and resolve getTableData error in Table componentWillRecieveProps
  • v1.1.7 Changes

    August 09, 2018
    • Cancel outstanding search requests immediately when a new search term comes in, regardless if current results are coming from cache.
  • v1.1.6 Changes

    August 03, 2018
    • ๐Ÿ— Moved 'compass' step before 'dist' in grunt build so compass errors less likely to be overlooked
  • v1.1.5 Changes

    August 03, 2018
    • ๐Ÿ‘‰ Use search term from original request in cache key instead of from state.inputValue, which may have changed.
    • Include additionalFilters in cache key.
  • v1.1.4 Changes

    August 02, 2018
    • โšก๏ธ Updated Modal with shouldComponentUpdate to support React 16.x.
  • v1.0.2 Changes

    August 02, 2017
    • Migrated to v2 of react-transition-group
    • โฌ†๏ธ Upgraded dependencies