react-boilerplate v3.7.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-10-25 // over 3 years ago
  • 🆕 News

    🚀 Welcome to a new React Boilerplate release with improvements aplenty, bug fixes and major dependency upgrades! Big thanks to @gretzky, @justingreenberg, @jwinn and everyone who helped review and submit PRs for this release!

    ⬆️ For existing projects, the only way to upgrade from 3.6.0 is to manually apply the changes from #2403 to your project. Please be careful when doing so as it isn't officially supported and could break things on your end.

    ⚡️ Next steps will include re-thinking immutability in the store (RFC @ #2092), re-organizing docs, saga improvements, smart bundling and plenty more. Please keep the PRs coming. And if you're up for it, remember that you can use the dev branch to test all the latest updates and report bugs!


    • 💅 Upgrades to Babel 7, React 16.6, ESLint 5, styled-components 4 (@julienben)
      • Config file and Babel plugin cleanup (@gretzky)
      • Fix extract-intl script for Babel 7 (@fanixk)
    • Webpack improvements
      • Removal of dll plugin (@gretzky)
      • Gzipping and better optimization config in prod (@gretzky)
      • react-app-polyfill for targeted IE support (@gretzky)
      • Switch from UglifyJS to Terser plugin (@robertaird)
      • Icons generated by webpack-pwa-manifest plugin (@Mensae)
    • Switch from Yarn back to npm (@julienben)
    • 🆕 New documentation section for forks

    ⚡️ Other Updates

    • 🗄 Migration from deprecated react-router-redux to connected-react-router (@julienben)
    • Migration from react-loadable to loadable-components (@julienben)
    • 👯 Quick start - Clone to a named directory (@spawnia)
    • Scoped variables in i18n messages (@hatsuo)
    • 👕 Use .prettierrc path relative to .eslintrc.js (@abeMedia)
    • 🛠 Fixes to generators (@julienben, @hatsuo, @ngtan)
    • 🔌 babel-plugin-lodash for easier import syntax (@julienben)
    • 🐛 Bug fix in setup script (@autechr3)

    📚 Lots of additional documentation updates thanks to @doaboa, @cheickmec, @nicogreenarry, @sduquej, @diwakar-s-maurya.