react-boilerplate v3.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-09-22 // about 2 years ago
  • 🍱 The eagle has landed 🎉

    As always, thank you to all of our awesome contributors, community and team members!!

    🆕 News

    🚀 So, a few things have changed in the JS ecosystem since the original release of React Boilerplate, and there was a discussion in #1776 around the it's future. TLDR; we had two incompatible PRs — one for server-side rendering, and another for react-router v4. The community decided that we would keep our dependencies up to date (upgrade react-router) and establish a clear mission for React Boilerplate:

    🐎 React Boilerplate is a rock-solid foundation for crafting large, high-performance enterprise-grade frontend web applications that have advanced/custom requirements.

    • Static output designed for CDN and edge caches
    • Extreme Developer Ergonomics
      • Parallelized Tests
      • DLL manifest in development for blazing rebuilds
      • Scaffolding tools
    • 👍 Pre-baked i18n support
    • Low level tooling that gives developer complete control

    👷 We may include SSR in a future version, but for now this is our focus... create-react-app and next.js are doing an awesome job and strongly recommend these projects for most use cases.

    💥 Breaking

    • ⬆️ Upgrade React Router to v4.x.x (@anuraaga, @Dattaya, et al)
      • Use React-Loadable for data lifecycle management
      • Refactor asyncInjectors: improve code splitting/saga management
      • For a complete overview of changes, please see #1746


    • ⬆️ Upgrade React to v15.6 (@g0ddish)
    • ⬆️ Upgrade Webpack and related dependencies to v3.x.x (@KarandikarMihir)
    • 💅 Upgrade styled-components to v2.x.x (@justingreenberg)
    • Replace babel-preset-hmre with vanilla Webpack HMR (@Dattaya)
    • 🔌 Serve Dlls via add-asset-html-webpack-plugin (@skidding)
    • Migrate from React.PropTypes to prop-types (@dennybiasiolli)

    ⚡️ Other Updates

    • ➕ Add Stateless Functions to Container generator (@outdooricon)
    • 💅 Change development sourcemap style (@samit4me)
    • 📚 Create new documentation for dependency updates (@gihrig)
    • ⬇️ Downgrade sanitize.css (@Dattaya)
    • Enable rule react/no-array-index-key (@carloscuatin)
    • 🛠 Fix Intl polyfill in language generator (@tmf)
    • 🖐 Handle 204 and 205 HTTP response (@williamdclt)
    • ⚡️ Icon updates and improvements (@samit4me)
    • Import only necessary components for RRv4 (@sorin-davidoi)
    • 👌 Improve <List> component tests (@chaintng)
    • 👌 Improve component tests in demo (@dennybiasiolli)
    • 👌 Improve setup to recognize repo before clearing git (@Aftabnack)
    • 🏗 Make build output less verbose (@KarandikarMihir)
    • 🚚 Move onSubmitForm test into mapDispatchToProps test (@tomasfrancisco)
    • ⚡️ NPM script and dependency updates, many fixes (@gihrig)
    • ✂ Remove state update in componentWillUpdate (@mawi12345)
    • ✂ Remove unused Sinon dependency (@avdeev)
    • ✂ Remove route names from app/routes (@beardedtim)
    • 🔧 Rename store.js to configureStore.js to prevent conflict (@howardya)
    • Separate dev and prod middleware (@tomazy)
    • 👕 Sort ESLint config in package.json (@bt)
    • 👌 Support OpenType fonts with .otf file extension (@kachkaev)
    • Turn App into a functional component (@Dattaya)
    • 💅 Update FAQ for styles getting overridden (@samit4me)
    • ⚡️ Update the 'tagged template literals' link (@joncass)
    • 👉 Use camelcase for reducer and saga key to match selector (@anuraaga)
    • ✅ Use correct selector names in tests (@Dattaya)
    • 👉 Use local instance of shelljs (@KarandikarMihir)
    • ⚡️ Use optimized version of the RBP banner (@tomazy)
    • 👉 Use relative path for manifest.json (@mrharel)

    📚 Many fixes to documentation thanks to @Aftabnack, @auchenberg, @danielrob, @gregoralbrecht, @JonathanMerklin, @marciopuga, @NicholasAnthony, @Skaronator, and @vedatmahir