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  • v1.6.0 Changes

    • 0️⃣ New, cleaner, UI: - Controls are now overlaid, maintaining the video's ratio and making sizing easier - A large play button can now be overlaid over videos - Default number of control buttons reduced - New play, pause, rewind and fast forward icons - Flexbox all the things!
    • ⬆️ Tidied up the LESS (and SCSS) as part of the above, variables and mixins in seprate files amking customization and upgrades easier
    • 0️⃣ Toggle mute bug fix; if a player was muted previously and the user refreshed, unmuting would have meant volume was still zero (effectively muted), now the config default value is used. Not ideal but good for now
    • New iconUrl option allowing specifying a same origin SVG sprite location. Loading this way means you don't need the AJAX sprite loading JavaScript
    • 💻 click option renamed to clickToPlay to make it a bit more self explanatory. Unfortunately cross origin SVG sprites is not supported in any browser yet :-(
    • 🚚 hideControls is now a global option, rather than being exclusive to fullscreen. Controls are now hidden after 2 seconds of no mouse movement. Controls are always shown when media is paused or stopped. This is defaulted to true.
    • sass folder in src renamed from to scss
  • v1.5.21 Changes

    • 🛠 Bug fix for embeds: play not being defined (fixes #185 and #186)
  • v1.5.20 Changes

    • Bug fix for autoplay option
  • v1.5.19 Changes

    • Fix for accessing embed property after ready event fired
  • v1.5.18 Changes

    • Added 'ready' event for initial setup complete or source change occurs
    • 💅 Fixed SASS stylesheet references to transparentize
    • 0️⃣ Added default font stack to controls
    • 🛠 Docs fixes inc controls HTML (fixes #180)
  • v1.5.17 Changes

    • ⚡️ Expose YouTube and Vimeo API (docs update required) (fixes #176)
    • Auto set title based on YouTube getVideoData() title property
    • Bug fix for Vimeo API change (Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined) due to a change their end
  • v1.5.16 Changes

    • 🛠 Cancel requests on source change (fixes #174)
  • v1.5.15 Changes

    • 👀 Fix for CustomEvent polyfill and related bug (see #172)
  • v1.5.14 Changes

    • 🛠 Volume storage fix (fixes #171)
  • v1.5.13 Changes

    • Fix for manual caption rendering