Image Editing libraries

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  • react-image-crop

    8.0 6.9 TypeScript
    A responsive image cropping tool for React
  • react-avatar-editor

    7.5 2.7 JavaScript
    Small avatar & profile picture component. Resize and crop uploaded images using a intuitive user interface.
  • Universal Data Tool

    7.0 6.8 JavaScript
    Collaborate & label any type of data, images, text, or documents, in an easy web interface or desktop app.
  • react-easy-crop

    6.7 7.0 TypeScript
    A React component to crop images/videos with easy interactions
  • react-avatar-cropper

    4.2 0.0 JavaScript
    Aiming to be a complete solution for avatar cropping in react.
  • react-image-cropper

    3.2 0.0 JavaScript
    react image crop
  • react-advanced-cropper

    0.5 3.5 TypeScript
    The react cropper library that gives the possibility to create croppers exactly suited for your website design.