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  • react-beautiful-dnd

    9.7 8.8 JavaScript
    Beautiful and accessible drag and drop for lists with React
  • react-sortable-hoc

    9.1 7.1 JavaScript
    A set of higher-order components to turn any list into an animated, touch-friendly, sortable list.
  • google-map-react

    8.6 5.2 JavaScript
    Universal google map react component, allows render react components on the google map.
  • generator-react-webpack

    8.2 0.0 JavaScript
    Yeoman generator for ReactJS and Webpack.
  • react-atellier

    6.0 0.0 JavaScript
    The smartest way to share interactive components with your team.
  • react-avatar

    4.3 5.7 JavaScript
    Universal React avatar component makes it possible to generate avatars based on user information.
  • react-portal-tooltip

    3.9 1.4 JavaScript
    Awesome React tooltips.
  • redux-test-recorder

    3.5 0.0 JavaScript
    A redux middleware to automatically generate tests for reducers through ui interaction.
  • react-typeahead-component

    3.4 0.0 JavaScript
    Typeahead, written using the React.js library.
  • Nice React Layout

    0.7 5.4 JavaScript
    Create complex and nice Flexbox-based layouts, without even knowing what flexbox means
  • react-star-rating-input

    0.6 0.4 JavaScript
    React.js component for entering 0-5 (or more) stars.
  • react-state-focus

    0.1 3.8 JavaScript
    Lens-based events dispatching for React forms