formsy-react v0.16.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-10-04 // over 6 years ago
    • getErrorMessages() gives all registered errors
    • required and 'validations' can now be changed at runtime
    • ๐Ÿ’… You can now use application/x-www-form-urlencoded style on naming your elements (contacts[0][name]) and it will be converted to plain JS object (See readme for more details)
    • Elements no longer needs to have the same owner as the form element, nest and wrap as much as you want
    • โž• Added Higher Order Component and Decorator to define Formsy Elements
    • ๐Ÿ›  Other smaller fixes, thanks to our little community :-)
    • ๐Ÿ”จ Refactored and cleaned all tests to Nodeunit. No more tests sharing variables etc... I deserve lots of ๐Ÿบ